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plug in engineering, organic biometric architecture design appartments, public buildings, townhall


organic biometric architecture design appartments, public buildings, townhall


As a building developer in Liechtenstein, we are responsible for the planning, development, and realization of construction projects. Your primary tasks include:


1. Land acquisition
2. Obtaining building permits and approvals
3. Securing financing
4. Planning and designing the project
5. Selection and coordination of architects, engineers, and other specialists
6. Construction execution and supervision
7. Quality assurance
8. Sale or leasing of the property

We also adhere to legal regulations, including those related to environmental protection and building safety.

organic biometric architecture design appartments, public buildings, townhall
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As experienced architects we are specializing in AI-supported design, our primary tasks include:

1. Conceptualization and planning of innovative structures
2. Utilization of AI tools for design optimization and simulation
3. Selection and coordination of specialized professionals
4. Supervision and management of construction execution
5. Quality assurance using data-driven methods
6. Consultation and communication with national and international clients
7. Integration of sustainability and environmental considerations into planning
8. Project management and documentation

Weserve as the interface between technology and conventional architecture to achieve optimal results in quality, cost, and timeframe.

project management, organic biometric architecture design appartments, public buildings, townhall


As a Construction Manager we are responsible for construction management and coordination, we oversee the operational implementation of the construction project. Primary tasks include:


1. Coordination of all parties involved (tradesmen, suppliers, etc.)
2. Monitoring construction progress and quality assurance
3. Scheduling and timeline supervision
4. Budget control and cost monitoring
5. Obtaining and verifying permits and certificates
6. Acting as the interface between the client, planners, and executing firms
7. Problem and conflict management
8. Documentation and reporting

We ensure that the project is realized within the framework of legal requirements and quality standards.

development work, humanitarian work, donations, support in education, siteplanning, shelter


With 18 years of experience and recognized performance credentials from our international clients, our primary tasks as experienced and highly successful consultants in development cooperation and humanitarian aid are:

1. Conducting needs assessments and feasibility studies
2. Strategic planning and concept development
3. Consulting on project implementation and management
4. Quality and impact monitoring
5. Capacity building and training for local actors
6. Risk assessment and crisis management
7. Interdisciplinary coordination with other organizations and stakeholders
8. Reporting and documentation to international organizations

We serve as experts and consultants specialized in delivering effective and sustainable solutions in complex environments. Our long-standing experience and the recognition of your work by international clients underscore your competence in this field.

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