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Over the course of 17 years, I have provided architectural- and site planning, project management expertise construction consultation in international humanitarian work and development cooperation. My Clients include WFP Nepal and Cox's Bazar, focusing on food security infrastructures; UNHCR in Syria and Cox's Bazar, developing improved refugee housing solutions; SDC across Pakistan, Myanmar, Bangladesh, and Egypt, enhancing community facilities and infrastructure; Greenhelmets in Afghanistan for eco-friendly school building; and for LED in Costa Rica and Tanzania, working on sustainable development projects. My work has been instrumental in improving living conditions and creating added value in living space and environmental conditions.

UNHCR Cox's Bazar 2022/2023


Coordination and Technical Assistance for the MSP Macro Site Planning Role 


  • Update/Revise the Macro Settlement Plan (MSP) and coordinate the on-going activities in line with Macro Settlement Plan (MSP) with UNHCR and IOM planners, in collaboration with partner agencies and relevant local authorities, to ensure support and to coordinate more broadly the activities within the settlements.

  • Develop incremental upgrading and re-planning strategies for the Rohingya settlements, to improve the safety and well-being of communities while enhancing the natural environment and its biodiversity: establish a core infrastructural network, promote environmental rehabilitation for the restoration of a blue-green network, reprogramme and rationalise density and service provision.

  • Develop guidelines in response to most common disasters (Flood, Slope Failure, Fire incidents, etc) in line with MSP.

  • Promote climate action into spatial planning and infrastructure development activities and embed climate change mitigation and adaptation measures into the development of the MSP, supporting the adoption of nature-based solutions (NbS) and green development approaches.

  • Promote gender mainstreaming and contribute to devising more effective ways of implementing a gender- and child-sensitive agenda in settlement planning and development.

  • Define strategic priorities and spatially coordinate initiatives, and support their translation into smaller scale implementation projects, in alignment with strategic outcomes and inter-sector priorities.

  • Incorporate key aspects relevant to the surrounding district level planning, to ensure the infrastructure investments and environmental rehabilitation intervention have correlation with the wider host community and institutional context.

  • Coordinate and provide spatial planning support to SMSD Sector, Shelter/NFI Sector, E&E TWG, UNHCR and IOM site planners, among others, and support the provision of technical guidance to the Site Planning / Site Development working group.


Advocacy, Participatory Planning and Capacity Building

  • Ensure stakeholder engagement and inclusion of participatory processes in the spatial plan development process, in particular with relevant local authorities and specifically the RRRC and CIC office.

  • Plan and conduct relevant capacity building critical to environment conservation and rehabilitation, green infrastructure planning, sustainable land use and spatial development, for technical and non-technical staff of UN Agencies, Implementing Partners, National and International NGOs and Government Authorities.

  • Support the active involvement of refugee and host communities in the spatial planning activities, through community consultations, information sharing, ensuring an age, gender and diversity approach.

  • Sustain a continued dialogue between field staff and partners, agencies and local government to monitor ongoing activities against plan.

  • Conduct workshops with field staff and partners to mainstream the MSP and ground it on field knowledge.

  • Advise on possible improvements of the current Sector coordination structure to possibly align with normal structures, roles and technical capacities.

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