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Bauträger Plugin Engineering Triesen

The 2024 eco-friendly appartment house, will incorporate the following key elements:

1. Energy Efficiency: Utilization of solar panels, and energy-efficient appliances.
2.Sustainable Materials: Use of recycled or renewable materials like timber, loam, hempcrete, or recycled steel.

3. Water Conservation: Rainwater harvesting systems and greywater recycling.

4. Indoor Air Quality: Natural ventilation systems and use of low-VOC materials.

5. Waste Management: Composting and waste segregation facilities.

6. Smart Home Systems: Automation for energy-saving, such as smart thermostats.

7 .Green Roof and Walls: To provide insulation and reduce heat islands.


New Home at a Glance - Contemporary Urban Living in Harmony with Nature and Environment. Discover the perfect blend of nature-centric living and the advantages of city life in the heart of Triesen.

This residential complex embodies a modern, urban, and sustainable vision in the center of Triesen, offering apartments of various sizes and orientations, and creating a new and forward-looking living experience for Triesen.

Dachgarten, Aussicht, Blick nach Süden  über Triesen
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